Use me for Sex

Why does my ex boyfriend still want to use me for sex? Sandy You let him use you for sex? lol. Ex boyfriend?  Weird, but The instant the sex goes away you won’t hear form him again.  It goes to show what he thought about you in the first place.  Go out and find yourself someone that does not use you when it's convenient. At the end of the day, you can always use him for whatever amazingness he has to offers... money, looks, nice personality, makes an amazing PB and J. In an unrelated really amazing coincidence, my brother just got out of jail after doing 23 years.  He happens to be single and on parole, meaning you know where he is between 6 pm and 8 in the morning.  He works when he is not at home, so he has a job at least.  He is my brother so of course he is amazingly good looking which is always a plus. And as a super bonus, when you get tired of him you can just call in a tip and these nice boys in blue will show up and take him to his new home upstate.

too busy to text you back

If a guy says he likes you but still never makes time for you is that normal? Bethany - Seattle, Washington Of course he’s busy. It’s not very polite to text back his girlfriend when making out with another girl, that would be rude. Just wait until it’s your turn and he’ll call you, don't call him, he's very busy practicing for your next date.

The texting has stopped

My gf was once texting me all the time when we first talked now she hardly does, what should I do? Stanley Menge See if you can find out who her side dude is. Now she has you. There's no need to text you all the time.  Have you thought that you might just be boring and you need to learn to be a better texter? Sending pics of your body parts in the bathroom mirror has proven devastating in the past and could take you to the next step in your relationship.... like your next girlfriend.

Drunken Blame

My boyfriend was a recovering alcoholic until I got laid off three weeks ago. He started drinking heavily that day. Am I to blame? Margie Lee Yes of course. I’m sure his drunken ass will happily blame you in some way. Fun times. So the truth is that you have no control over his actions, he's the drunk.  But the good news is that he's got you well trained for taking responsibility for his actions.

Tender Match

I matched on Tinder with my best friend's boyfriend. How do I handle this situation? Olya Miller -Indianapolis, IN You just need to explain to your best friend that Tender knows things and she is just going to have to live with the happy life her boyfriend and you are going to have together. Your friend just has to get over it and be happy for you. My very first tinder match ever came with a rush and a bit of fear....

Breaking up

How do I break up with a girl, without making her cry? Carl Margino - NYC Why would you want to? If she cries then she must have actually liked you. The solution might be to only date hookers where they leave after picking up the money off the dresser. Without emotional connections you should be good to go. Realistically, if she didn't shed a tear....

My Boyfriend

I'm 13. How do I tell my mother about my boyfriend? Jan Here’s the thing. You could just tell your mom you are pregnant. Then after she is all pissed off tell her you were just joking and that you have a boyfriend. She will be soooo relieved that the fact that you have a boyfriend will be no big deal. Also ask her how to use condoms so you don't actually get pregnant. That way in the future there will be much less uncomfortable conversations between the two of you.

Narcissist help

At what point in your relationship did you realize you were dealing with a narcissist and the relationship was just way too unhealthy for you to be in? Lorin Reznor - Boston, Mass When it was Waaaaaay toooo late. Usually people only find out after they broke up do they suspect they are more than just a garden-variety asshole. According to the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (United States, 2004–2005) narcissistic personality disorder occurs in 6.2% of the general population, both sexes, all races. It occurs in 4.8% of women.