a job?

How come my parents said if I want my own gaming PC, I have to get a job? Bobby Crestmoore Jesh. What is wrong with them. Sounds like you need to put an ad out to find yourself new parents. I hear there are parents out and about looking for someone to support until they die and leave a fortune to. For the rest of us silver spoons with poor parents, we unfortunately have to go out and get jobs.

My Boyfriend

I'm 13. How do I tell my mother about my boyfriend? Jan Here’s the thing. You could just tell your mom you are pregnant. Then after she is all pissed off tell her you were just joking and that you have a boyfriend. She will be soooo relieved that the fact that you have a boyfriend will be no big deal. Also ask her how to use condoms so you don't actually get pregnant. That way in the future there will be much less uncomfortable conversations between the two of you.