Our Projects

We Create, Partner with, & Invest in Artistic Endeavors

Our projects include: Animation, Children’s Books, Health, Fashion, Video Games, Animal Rights, Social Activism, Teaching Artists not to Starve, Social Funding, & Other Things we are passionate about.

Here are some of them in various stages of development for you to Enjoy, Support, & Follow.

LewisOne Limited

This is my personal site where all the Magic Beans Grow and the Monkeys that work here think the Unicorns I draw poop Hundred Dollar Bills.  It contains my personal Art Blog, some of the project and work I have done, and links to all my other projects and inquiries.  Other than that it’s full of fun nonsense for my personal entertainment and hopefully yours.

NonStarving Artist

I can be seen doing public speaking events teaching artists how to maintain their art career with smart business tactics.  In this I offer my “12 step NonStarving Artist” mentorship program to those that want to take a jump start in their choice to do art for a living full time.

I take what I have learned in over two decades of being a full time Artist and clone those techniques into a very repeatable process for others. I put these tactics on my online community to help artists learn the skills they need in order to have a successful artistic career.

Prudent Roots

At first this started because our family enjoyed Kombucha so we decided to try to make it ourselves on a whim.  Others liked it, we started selling it at Farmers Markets and introduced Chaga Tea a year later.  Now we are working on distribution and getting it into smaller markets.  With a love for the kitchen science our experiment has expanded to making Soaps, & Lotions as well.


I got caught up in the clothing industry very young as a graffiti artist contributing to skate and hip hop companies.  Finally I went out on my own dabbling in fashion design, screen printed apparel, and embroidery.  It was originally named Visual Noise Limited starting in 1990 and made more personal in 2010 with the rebranding as OG LewisOne Clothing.

Boogie Fairy

A fun Illustrated Children’s book about the wonders and adventures of snot as told by a sick boy Scott who has to stay home from school only to be introduced to the Boogie Fairy himself.

The Official Unauthorized Banksy Graphic Novel

This has turned out to be a very ambitious and fun project highlighting the made up career of London’s most famous underground graffiti artist.  We are currently in pre-promotion for it with artwork being worked on now.

Goomph Movie

A Traditionally Animated Short and proposed Movie based on the Character “Cheech Wizard” by Vaughn Bodé – Underground Comic artist who influenced the world of Graffiti and Hip Hop Style.

Fumes Paint Company

Paint company that honors the Graffiti artists of the world by naming the entire color line after influential Street Artists.

The Great Cow Escape

Apple and Android interactive video game where a Paranoid cow named Elsie tries to escape from a meat farm by solving Rube Goldberg type puzzles to open gates.