Free Food

Why is FaceBook Free and food is not? Jarvis Facebook is not Free. In exchange for you viewing Google you have agreed to be manipulated by marketing and social engineering and have your personal information given to people who try to sell to you. Your viewership is a commodity worth thousands of dollars. Remember this: if you don't pay for it, you are the product.

too busy to text you back

If a guy says he likes you but still never makes time for you is that normal? Bethany - Seattle, Washington Of course he’s busy. It’s not very polite to text back his girlfriend when making out with another girl, that would be rude. Just wait until it’s your turn and he’ll call you, don't call him, he's very busy practicing for your next date.

The texting has stopped

My gf was once texting me all the time when we first talked now she hardly does, what should I do? Stanley Menge See if you can find out who her side dude is. Now she has you. There's no need to text you all the time.  Have you thought that you might just be boring and you need to learn to be a better texter? Sending pics of your body parts in the bathroom mirror has proven devastating in the past and could take you to the next step in your relationship.... like your next girlfriend.

Taking care of business

You seem to know AAAA-lot. What is the coolest way to handle a man hitting on your girlfriend/wife? Pissed off in Alabama Usually it works good if you just take him in a back room and beat him senseless with a wood chair. If you knock all his teeth out of his head his self esteem will be lowered to the point he won’t want to smile at anyone and even tho his broken arms and legs will get him short term attention from others, the permanent inability to walk strait will make him appear RE-tarded and people will avoid talking to them, including your girlfriend. Problem solved. Or you can stop with your low self esteem and be proud that you have a girlfriend that everyone else looks at and fantasizes they were you.

Drunken Blame

My boyfriend was a recovering alcoholic until I got laid off three weeks ago. He started drinking heavily that day. Am I to blame? Margie Lee Yes of course. I’m sure his drunken ass will happily blame you in some way. Fun times. So the truth is that you have no control over his actions, he's the drunk.  But the good news is that he's got you well trained for taking responsibility for his actions.

the end of the sale

Does the consumer process end when a consumer buys something? Stan Blore -Reno, Nevada OMG!!! It better not. Basic purchasing principals says that people do business with people, so the next natural step is for that consumer to tell their friends and family and convince them to engage in the buying process and then repeat the cycle over and over and over and over…..