A psychiatrist friend

I want a psychiatrist friend who would come over when I needed and councel me. Faraz Chandaer -Germany I want a psychiatrist friend who would come over when I needed and council me.   I want a mechanic friend that will come over all the time and fix my cars. Oh, and a maid friend too.  But unfortunately all my friends are raging alcoholics and panhandlers who think my house is a place to hang out and do lines of cocaine in my bathroom while texting their wives that they have to stay late at work again. I’m guessing you need decent friends and not free professionals to hang out with you. If things are really that bad, try checking our yahoo answers. If that isn’t cutting it, I hear barkeeps are pretty knowledgeable. Actually there was this one time when I was coming down from a regular does of Benadryl and I realized that I had been living with what I though was a wicked awesome woman but come to find out it was a 35 year old pot belly pig name Juniper. So I went to this bar about 3 blocks from the apartment I was renting (which was leased in Junipers name, go figure) and the barkeep there was so ticked off because he said I smelled like a barnyard, which of course made me breakdown into hysterics and so he offered me a hit of whiskey. His name was Benji or Jed, something trendy like that. And so I looked at him and said “Hey man, I need someone to talk to.” He proceeded to roll his eyes and tell me that’s not part of his job. But I kept talking anyways. Before I knew it like 4 hours had passed and I had had like 15 tall waters (cause I forgot my wallet back with Juniper) and I couldn’t pay for anything else. And wouldn’t you know it, this girl walked over and said “Hey man, did you just say you had a pig name Juniper?” and I was all like “Yeah, sort of” and she was all “That’s my pig. I had a wild couple of months and lost her”. And that’s when I knew that I really loved that pig because there was no way I was going to let this chick take her from me. Long story short…. I have no clue where I was going with that.

Artists Log – Hello World

Hello World, Hello World, OG LewisOne here. I'm amused and fascinated by the world around me, above me, and under me. I like solving problems and puzzles between my mental breakdowns and being treated as a lab rat by the medical industry. These blogs are my stories. These blogs are my thoughts, my focuses, the answers to my questions. I survive off self-sabotage and taking the longest route to the end of a problem and waving to those on the short path as they go by. In the 25 years of being an artist I have discovered one thing. It sucks to starve. So, I don't. I wanted a format to vomit my experiences and share with the world one person’s way of being a creative type without starving, being homeless, mooching of everybody else, and ultimately failing. I hope to be a good role model for other aspiring artists. Surviving the lifestyle isn’t always easy, but it does work. In my way of giving back I have started my society of non starving artists where I coach creatives in the business bus aspects of the art world. I also thrive in my own creative projects. I dabble in creative writing for all age, painting on various mediums, and video game designing. My day job isn’t quite as fun, so this will be the outlet for all that creative energy. Hope you have the stamina to keep up!   I hope you enjoy. Peace, love, and happiness, Lewis

Jimmy Jail-time Fun

You have a sketchy past, what is prison like? I did something really bad and have to go to court for it and my lawyer says it does not look good. JImmy Garcia -Denver, Colorado Yeah. This.  So I have always had amazing high paid evil lawyers.  These amazing overpaid demons from the depths of hell, who went to expensive White collar elite colleges like Princeton, Harvard, and Yale, have granted me the opportunity to not have had the pleasure of any of the following fun jail-time activities: It’s always noisy, 24/7 Your body cavities will be searched. The other inmates will try to steal everything you have. Guards may treat you in a gross manner; “The best part of you ran down your mother’s leg.” Communication with loved ones is greatly reduced. No matter what is cooked, the food tastes the same every day. Your habits—sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine—go unsatisfied. You won’t be able to choose your favorite TV show. You will walk through the prison unit in single file looking straight ahead. You will hear metal gates/doors slamming and clanking inside the building If you work in the field, you will be on your feet in the sun all day long. The guards watching you will be nearby and be irritated by the heat, but they are sitting on their horses. Many units have no a/c. The commode has no seat; you will sit on metal and you will share the cell with another. Many units have “tanks” where the men live together; some overcrowded units have their inmates living in tents—in Texas this can be life threatening. Some inmates are armed with “shanks,” homemade knives. You will never have enough money to buy the little goodies you desire at the PX So Jimmy.  I would say that you need to superglue your butt cheeks together, dress in drag, and do what you are told by those in charge (like your roomie) and be the very best bottom you can be during your stay in the... Hoosegow, mainline joint, skinner joint, stoney lonesome, con college, glasshouse, bucket, club fed, greybar hotel, big house, slammer, calaboose, castle, cooler, country club, crowbar hotel, digger, farm, guardhouse, hole, joint, jug, juvie, pen, pokey, rock, sneezer, stockade, the clink.

The DD Experience

This is a blog website for Ayla and Dwan. They write on a major variety of topics to help women, families, men and children alike: eating right, looking younger, spending time with God, how to keep your family happy, how to raise great kids, exercise, sex, how to make money, and whatever else is on your mind! They are currently mentoring teens from her church, coaching families, and working with women to empower them. I designed them a self sufficient blog that automatically posts to their social networks and is linked to InfusionSoft to communicate with their email list. Check Out Site...

Psychological Fact 103423

Psychological Fact 103423   Thesis: A watched pot never boils.   Experiment: I turned a pot of cold water with 6 shelled eggs on the stovetop to 350 degrees. I watched it constantly for 22 minutes and it came to a boil. I repeated the experiment 47 times over the course of three weeks.   Conclusion: The Thesis was false. However, I do believe this Psychological Falsehood started as a way to get kids out of the kitchen.   Notes: If anyone else decides to try this experiment, please document it so we can collectively submit it to the scientific world to turn over the perceived scientific fact.

From Homeless Man to MultiMillion Dollar Car Wash Business

In order to keep Rob Chin's privacy, this is not him. For many years I offered business advice to homeless people I saw in the street.  One man was Rob Chin. He had a passion for standing on the corner cleaning peoples windshields as they stopped at the red light at a main intersection to make a left turn.  He made enough money to eat a few times a day and buy a pack of cigarettes once a week.  He had many run ins with the police and ended up in jail a few times for this seemingly good deed.  He always did his job with a smile. I might not be the best influence at times, but I gave Rob some advice on how to turn his venture into a cash cow, maybe even enough to get himself off the streets.  But I told him it was going to take some guts and some careful planning along with his amazing attitude.  I was not about to help him fund his venture, but His investment was going to cost him about two dollars. We went to the local corner store and bought a bottle of cooking oil and some rags.  We went to his normal spot and he began to wash the windows of the cars with the cooking oil.  People were furious.  Yelled at him. He smiled and waved and told them he was going to do a great job on their windows.  The cooking oil made a mess.  Needless to say, He earned no tips that day. Two days passed and more pissed off people came through.  Then it happened.  He no longer had to clean windows.  People would drive up to the light and have money sticking out for him NOT to clean their windows.  But this time they were willing to pay bigger bucks to him.  Six months later, Rob bought his own car wash in Denver Colorado. The first thing Rob Chin did after opening his car wash.  Go to that same corner for three weeks offering FREE car washes to everyone who drove by, because, hey, they WERE his investors. *Note: Legalities aside, Determination and thinking outside the box will lead you in one of two places: either Jail or Success.  Entrepreneurs have learned that it's always a gamble and you might as well go for it. I have learned that People are interesting, they will reward you no matter if you do good or bad to them.  Surprisingly enough they will be willing to reward you more if something effects them more emotionally.  Sadly, It's kind of how extortion works.  Although we don't want to do any harm to the people around us, the lesson is that marketers for many years have used these fear tactics to influence your buying decisions.  Oh no, you better buy it before it sells out. Limited time only.  Next week the price will double.  Fear.  Fear sells big. This could also be compared to the Pavlov's Dog experiment, once ...

Online Store Blues

After John spent thousands of hours building an online store himself dedicating the time he gets off work until he passed out in bed as well as most of his weekends, he didn't understand why a year after launch, he had less than a few dozen sales.  Not even enough to make a car payment. His google analytics says his traffic is awesome.  People are browsing lots of pages.  John even checked each week to make sure his prices are great and even tried to offer up coupons and specials.  Nothing still. After talking to John about his venture and looking at his analytics, I learned something very important.  Color.  I told him to simply change the color of his buttons and site and that might do the trick.  Six months later his media website became a full time job. *Note: People underestimate the importance of color.  They usually choose their favorite color and go with it.  The problem is that you need to choose the color that influences your customers.  Many colors that you might like are so repulsive to money spenders that it will actually convince them not to click the button.  Crazy as it may sound, there have been many studies on the mater and if you look close at your webclick hot-mapping you can start seeing trends that can fine tuned to convert better.

Trusting Politicians

Influence consultants are increasingly sought by political campaign managers and influential persons to provide a range of services, from psychological analyses of the electorate to the creation a knowledge of social influence can make the difference between success and failure of speeches, advertisements, and strategies. The key in most of these cases is in the word-smithing of speeches. On one of many occasions we have rewritten an existing speech and “spiked” the delivery to create emotional responses from the audience.  In this example we peppered a speech for an annual meeting for a CEO of a company that was in financial trouble and executives of the company were suffering from low self esteem from lack of bonuses and new ideas of what to do to turn things around. A week after the speech, the company employees had many ideas to turn things around and quickly.  Within a few months there was laughter in the halls and vacations being taken.  Although we blame a great speech, others blamed the economic turnaround.  Who knows. *Note: The best way to persuade someone to do as you wish is to speak moderately quickly, pause frequently and not be too animated. This is the rules for anyone in public office that needs to make a statement that needs it's audience to know they are in charge.  People jump up volunteering to hold the speakers hands in prayer as they form conga lines on his behalf to make his dreams of world domination a reality....  or at least that is the goal. Every word and syllable in an important public talk is gone through, rewritten, rehearsed, and rehearsed again to make every sound important and meaningful to the listeners.  Each one is important to drill the true meaning into the brains of those that might back them.  In the end, it is the difference between who makes the rules, and who follows them.

Worse Party Ever

Durning my collage masters project we decided to use our knowledge of psychology to throw a series of horrible parties.  Over a period of 6 months we had a weekly rave at various locations. The first party was thrown with about 200 people and by the fourth party we had over 1000.  The party had no obvious entertainment value, but each venue was scientifically manipulated so everyone left feeling that they had the time of their life.  Oddly enough, with no or bad music or entertainment and no typical exiting aesthetics, more than 90% of the people came early (paying the $10 to $20 cover), stayed the four hours for the horrible party, stayed late, and went around the following week bragging to others about what a great event it was. At the end of our study we revealed to the students of the scam and donated most of the door money to a worthwhile local charity. *Note: There is something to be said about the entertainment value in communication between people.  People have a fine tuned ability to entertain themselves and others without the need for outside influence.  I might ponder the possibility that those people with Drug or Alcohol issues might be lacking in social abilities.  Bring a bunch of random people in an empty room and watch how it grows into the funnest imaginary party ever.

Store in a Bad Neighborhood

A New York convenience stores had problems with teens shoplifting inside their store and dealing drugs & fighting outside. Cops were called on a daily basis and the store was often closed down during serious incidents.  Most of their issues landed when kids were either on their way to school or hanging out afterwards. The store wanted teens' business, but not the fights and drug-dealing that sometimes accompany late-night loitering. We recommended that store owners to subtly play big band jazz music, and play that music not only inside the store, but on the outside common areas as well. Upon hearing the music, the teenagers voluntarily left --and stayed away from-- the parking lot and downgraded product loss to under 1%.  We also had the security guard that was hired change into street clothes so it was less of a hostile environment. The music did not affect sales to teenagers, just influenced them to play well with others. *Note: Music has a profound effect on us and studies have shown that different music will put us in a variety of moods, anywhere from wanting to make out with that certain loved one to having the desire to rob a bank.  Music can not force us to do something, however it can create the mood for social change or behavior. There is something to be said as well for the presence of authority.  Although it is fairly controversial in our crazy times, Psychologists have shown that the Less intimidating show of force will make more people at ease and not defensive.  Defensive people tend to fight and make bad decisions in public.