skool importent

Is School Important for me to finish? Kyle Martin -Billings, Montana Drop out of school and start a business. The top richest MOFO's on the planet did just that. If that fails you could always try homelessness, I know plenty of people that are perfectly happy with that life decision. On another note, there might be some advantages to acquiring knowledge, experience, and inspiration for the future by hanging out in school with boring teachers for a while.

What is art?

Is there a limit to what can be defined as art? Michael Mamboonic -San Francisco, CA Not even a little bit. That is what artists do, push the *&^&*&g limits. I saw an artist get best artist of the year twice in a row for his eminas on canvas... LIVE.  Yeah.

Is a Pirate Life for me?

I want to follow the way of the pirate.  Any advice? Keith Bogata -Denver, Colorado Uh, I wanted to be a princess growing up, but that's another story.  What you can do is buy a boat, find some semi loyal blokes to follow you with empty promises, and set your way to the seas looking for rich guys on yachts.  That's basically how it works.  Know tho that True Pirating is ILLEGAL and you should consider having an international lawyer on retainer just in case. On another note: have you considered just being a fisherman?

Hypnotize people to do my bidding

How can I hypnotize people to do things I want them to? Jake The problem is that hypnotized people will not do something that they would not normally do. The only way to manipulate someone in that way is drugs and then you run the risk of it becoming a legal mater. The realization you will come to is that people under hypnosis will not do something they would not normally do....

nine minutes

Why does the snooze buttons go off 9 minutes later instead of some other number of minutes? James Kushton -Liberty, New York Studies have shown that it takes 10 minutes or more for someone to go back into "deep" sleep. So having it set for 9 minutes helps someone who needs it to slowly wake up. Also, back in the day when clocks were non-digital, it just so happened that the gears were set up so it could not be added as an even number: something do do with base of 12 and 60 with smart people math.  And since that is what customers expected, when digital clocks came out that is what clock makers stuck to.

Breaking up

How do I break up with a girl, without making her cry? Carl Margino - NYC Why would you want to? If she cries then she must have actually liked you. The solution might be to only date hookers where they leave after picking up the money off the dresser. Without emotional connections you should be good to go. Realistically, if she didn't shed a tear....

Abandoned Speech

If a baby is born and no one has ever talk to the baby even the parents but the baby received proper feeding and adequate medication when the need arise,WHAT LANGUAGE WILL THE BABY SPEAK WHEN HE/SHE GROW UP?? Nathan Hey Nathan, My prediction: the baby would develop it's own way of communicating with pointing and grunting that would be consistent enough for someone else who studies linguistics and communication to be able to learn. Mankind's inherit desire to communicate is way too strong to be stifled.

Why the Giant Sword?

Why do real swords appear so boring yet video game swords are awesome looking? Billy Ocho -Miami, Florida I think that the weapons in video games or comics would be absolutely impossible to use in real life. There is no humanly possible to even think you would wield a 50 foot piece of metal or pick up a 50,000 caliber tank on your shoulder and launch it….. But it is super fun to fantasize about it.

What is tarded?

What is the test used for mentally retarded population, I want to make sure I am not 'tarded??? Harry in KC It's so funny how broad the classification of "mental retardation" or properly "intellectually disabled" is, the way it is worded it could be anyone that does not want to make social change. lol. Me being an super-extrovert with no social buttble causes paranoia in my authority figures who feel I might fit this classification because of my lack of willingness to conform to the cookie cutter lifestyle they have in mind for me. On a happier note, some research I am working on for my blog included a study at Boston University for testing of such matters, interesting read:

Creepy Guy

What makes a guy Creepy? Janice -Grand Junction, Colorado Creepy is a term used to describe a guy that likes you but you don’t like him. If the smoking hot guy were to do the same things as the “Creepy” guy did, he would be considered cute or sweet.  Maybe you are the creepy one?