prison fun

Is the prison system barbaric? My friend Jayson had to do 7 days for a DUI and came out with two black eyes, all cut up, and his jaw wired shut. What kid of people do they let in their that would do that kind of thing? Samir -Pueblo, Colorado Well Samir, sounds to me like Jayson didn't fair too well in jail. You might be surprised to know that they have criminals, like real criminals, that hang out inside those prison bars. Jayson I'm guessing didn't fit in too well and won't tell you about the butthole he came home with that semi trucks can unload their goods into. Yeah, prison and jail suck and I'm hoping that you and your friends can avoid that place. If not, you better learn to take a beating, I suggest going to either women's sumo wrestling school or dominatrix hooker training in the Bronx from my friend Ken on 7th ave. Both will get you use to getting tossed around by giant fat bottom girls who will send you home everyday a bit like Jayson did. Have fun.

Class X Felony

My husband was charged with class X aggravated battery and held with no bond. He has no criminal record. How much time is he looking at? Marsha -Long Beach, California Marsha, I would suggest you set up accounts with Hello Cupid, Tinder, and Farmers Only right away because that dude ain't comin home anytime soon and you don't want to be senile old lonely hot chick for the next 50 years of your amazing life. Make sure that on your photos you use a good camera and have one of your girlfriends help you with getting all dolled up.  Having a puppy in your picture and a bottle of wine helps get more attention to your profile. Showing a bit of cleavage is encouraged as well as a proper sun dress.  Lie, lie, lie on your profile like you did to lure your husband in when you first met, it seemed to have gotten you a swell dude the first time.


How do people write graffiti on bridges above highways? Brenda G. - Phoenix, AZ They climb, sometimes with rope and climbing gear. lol. There are also attachments for paint sticks so you can reach up 30 feet or more. “Someone I know” use to jump onto semi trucks when they parked for the night in alleyways to rest and paint a big tag. Then when the truck left in the morning everyone was amazed how someone could do such work up so high. I know a few people that used the window washer lifts to drop down to the middle of a building and tag their names, it was pretty impressive looking. One of the most influential graffiti taggers might have actually worked for the city and while "fixing" signs on the freeway just added his name while he was on the clock, so your tax dollars were hard at work keeping his name on the 5 freeway in LA.


What are some tips for doing graffiti? Mika - Buena Vista, CA Don't get caught.

Bad Influence

How can you stop yourself from being badly influenced? Kendra Sou - Utah I don’t. Bad influences in life are part of what makes you who you are and just because someone tries to influence you does not mean you will actually do it. Your whole life revolves around interactions that will try to persuade you into an action, it is up to you to make good choices that will benefit yourself and those around you.


How do graffiti artists paint on trains? Officer Marquez - LAPD Most modern train yards are unmanned, so it’s not too hard to sneak into the yard and do your thing. They might use friends to keep a watch out for anyone else trying to sneak up on them while they are painting and it’s not too hard to outrun a security guard, especially since they don’t have the power of arrest and have to wait for the cops anyways. Good luck showing up in time Officer. Happy hunting.


Why is graffiti banned? Jose Ortiz - California It’s not banned. It’s illegal. Try getting caught and see what happens.

ASU Sundevils

What is ASU's reputation? Maggie Frost - Mother of future ASU student Maggie, Maggie, Maggie.... As a proud graduate of Arizona State University I can say from first hand experience that our awesome school is world renowned as having the biggest parties, most random sex orgies, and consume the greatest amount of alcohol that any other school has to offer. In the 90s when I was attending, we use to have kegs in some of the classrooms and there were 9 bars on campus as well as dozens across the street. Other than that, it is an amazing school for engineering and psychology, one of the best.... from what I fuzzily remember of my alcohol driven existence.

Vandalism Bad

Why exactly is vandalism bad? Trex - Washington State University Uh. Not sure I understand the question. Vandalism is not bad. Whoever told you that is a liar. You might not like it, or the quality of work is subpar.... It is however sort of illegal and could get you put in jail for quite some time, and jail sucks so avoid it at all costs. If you do bless your community with some awesome vandalism, please take pictures of it and send it my way.  If you get caught say hi to Phil who kept my buddy Leo's feet warm in Lewis County Jail in Washington. Heard he played a mean game of chess.

Psychological Murder

What is psychological murder, and can it be proved in court? Jannet - UCLA medical student Good luck proving that in court. Many psychological testimonials are not allowed in court because of the lack of physical evidence. I would say that most prosecutors that want to try this tactic will try to charge someone with other more viable charges like neglect or abuse. Curious who you are trying to get put in jail? Your ex must have been quite something for you to stretch it psuedo science to get rid of him in a fire of vengeance. Most of us resort to alcohol or prescription drugs obtained from questionable sources.