Pizza Roll Overdose

Help.  I just ate 74 pizza rolls.  They are 190 calories for two.  I also had two liters of coke with it.  Will I die if i go right to sleep?? Kyle Darg - Mississippi I'm no health expert, I'm not that kind of Doctor, but I'm guessing you might have a good chance of: ...farting a hole through your mattress, please consider having a fire extinguisher handy just in case of exhaust leaks. ...having a serious heart attack.  That coke habit is serious.  Two liters (about 10.61 pounds) of coke, whether you snort it or shoot it up is, pretty serious in one sitting.  I think it could give you a heart attack.  I hope this is not a daily routine for you, if so, please let me know what kind of job you have to be able to afford a 10 pound a day coke habit???  I'm guessing even at wholesale prices you drop about $50k per month, not to mention the costs of those yummy pizza rolls. Cheers and good luck with that.  If you need rehab try this place, you can for sure afford it at only $65k the first month, plus taxes and expenses not including a room deposit for damages and special nursing services.