Is hating a certain Race wrong?

Is it wrong to hate a certain race?  I don't understand why I can't have my preferences. Kamereon - Florida There is nothing wrong with it at all.  Personally I absolutely hate marathons.  Those things suck. Of course like everyone, I enjoy watching the start when the handi people are tripping over the handicapped people, or even the finish where everyone seems to be balling their eyes out and get attacked by family congratulating them on a great race. But the 14 1/2 hours in between bores me to death. Triathlons scare the hell out of me because I'm afraid of water and Bicycles remind me of clowns, by other great fear. I'm still horrified when I was watching the "Boulder Boulder" in Colorado and needed to pee.  Went to the port-a-potty and there was poop a foot above the top of the bowl.  I could only ponder how over the course of the morning these healthy eating athletes had to magically hover over the top to add to the pile because there was no pull up bar at the top..... Nascar.  Now that's something to watch, especially when they crash and wreck their pretty $1.5 million dollar car, get doused with a fire extinguisher, and jump out of the car waiving at a cheering drunk crowd.

The vandalism at Mt Rushmore

Is Mount Rushmore just government sanctioned vandalism or graffiti? Jason Rhoads -Montana Resident Peter Norbeck sponsored the project and secured federal funding on public land and it was considered an American shrine according to the request for federal money. I would say that since the Native Americans called is slaughter mountain that the “Shrine” in question would highlight the previous presidents that fought to allow Indians to keep their…. maybe not. But it did cost a mere million bucks in 1927 and the revenue today from this federal funded graffiti is $177 million per year. So the government is making BANK from this vandalism. Not sure what they do with this golden goose of a mountain, but I would pander that it was not to help out the Natives they stole the land from. Just saying.


You seem to know AAAA-lot of pimps, drug dealers and other undesirables, What kind of people do you associate with? Carol Archer -Boulder, Colorado Sweet and Innocent Ms. Archer... When I was growing up I saw on TV America Idolize role models like Police, Firemen, Doctors, & Lawyers (ok maybe not lawyers): However, in the magnificent ghetto where I grew up, my local Pimp/Street Pharmasist made 20 times more money than any Banker, Teacher, or other respectable job having citizen: He was always able to afford his rent, he always had money to eat and feed his family & he could always afford the best grimey lawyers that other people with "real" respectable jobs could not buy. Growing up watching the "product hustlers" we quickly learned: as impressionable 7 to 10 year old kids: about how to make it as a small business: from managing & training your emplyees, buying & selling invetory, networking with other businesses, franchising other locations, buying from foreign markets, public & customer relations, giving & taking bribes, manipulating the legal system, and a lot more usefull talents. Just like those most important lessons we see from CEO's at magnificant companies like Walmart, McDonalds & Mircosoft... "You had better figure out how to Kill your competition so that your the only one on your block doin what you do,.. other wize, you might starve." --"Big D", Compton, California

Mount Rushmore

How Far is Mount Rushmore? Jafar - Aurora, Colorado From any point on the planet, you should be able to walk or swim to Mount Rushmore in under 800 days, assuming you get short amount of sleep and don’t get eaten my sharks.

Artists Log – Hello World

Hello World, Hello World, OG LewisOne here. I'm amused and fascinated by the world around me, above me, and under me. I like solving problems and puzzles between my mental breakdowns and being treated as a lab rat by the medical industry. These blogs are my stories. These blogs are my thoughts, my focuses, the answers to my questions. I survive off self-sabotage and taking the longest route to the end of a problem and waving to those on the short path as they go by. In the 25 years of being an artist I have discovered one thing. It sucks to starve. So, I don't. I wanted a format to vomit my experiences and share with the world one person’s way of being a creative type without starving, being homeless, mooching of everybody else, and ultimately failing. I hope to be a good role model for other aspiring artists. Surviving the lifestyle isn’t always easy, but it does work. In my way of giving back I have started my society of non starving artists where I coach creatives in the business bus aspects of the art world. I also thrive in my own creative projects. I dabble in creative writing for all age, painting on various mediums, and video game designing. My day job isn’t quite as fun, so this will be the outlet for all that creative energy. Hope you have the stamina to keep up!   I hope you enjoy. Peace, love, and happiness, Lewis

Psychological Fact 103423

Psychological Fact 103423 Idea: I'm very inquisitive and don't believe my parents.  They once told me that a watched pot never boils when trying to cook noodles for my mac and cheese. So, decades later, I wanted to see if it is true in the most scientific way possible. Thesis: A watched pot never boils.   Experiment: I turned a pot of cold water with 6 shelled eggs on the stovetop to 350 degrees. I watched it constantly for 22 minutes and it came to a boil. I repeated the experiment 47 times over the course of three weeks at various times and blood alcohol levels. My friend Stacy would not try it at home claiming that I was a moron.   Conclusion: The Thesis was false. However, I do believe this Psychological Falsehood started as a way to get kids out of the kitchen or because parents were paranoid they would get burned from the hot stove.   Notes: If anyone else decides to try this experiment, please document it in the comments below so we can collectively submit it to the scientific world to turn over the perceived scientific fact.... for education purposes to prove my parents wrong.... again.

My brother eats his boogers

My brother eats his boogers, at least 30 a day. He is super fat so I think he is getting too many calories from his boogers.  Are boogers fatening? Mack - Vermont Well, according to scientists boogers are full of protein and can have two or more calories each.  That could amount to 100 or more calories. Now what bothers me is not him eating his boogies, but that you keep track of how many he eats.  I think that him eating boogers has nothing to do with his weight, but you might want to get some professional help because I think you might have a serious case of "Little Brother Booger Voyeurism" as described by Carl Jung in his book "Kids with problems". Serious psychological drugs might be in your future and your brother will no doubt be very happy to bring you special cupcakes when they lock you up at Arkam Asylum.

From Homeless Man to MultiMillion Dollar Car Wash Business

In order to keep Rob Chin's privacy, this is not him. For many years I offered business advice to homeless people I saw in the street.  One man was Rob Chin. He had a passion for standing on the corner cleaning peoples windshields as they stopped at the red light at a main intersection to make a left turn.  He made enough money to eat a few times a day and buy a pack of cigarettes once a week.  He had many run ins with the police and ended up in jail a few times for this seemingly good deed.  He always did his job with a smile. I might not be the best influence at times, but I gave Rob some advice on how to turn his venture into a cash cow, maybe even enough to get himself off the streets.  But I told him it was going to take some guts and some careful planning along with his amazing attitude.  I was not about to help him fund his venture, but His investment was going to cost him about two dollars. We went to the local corner store and bought a bottle of cooking oil and some rags.  We went to his normal spot and he began to wash the windows of the cars with the cooking oil.  People were furious.  Yelled at him. He smiled and waved and told them he was going to do a great job on their windows.  The cooking oil made a mess.  Needless to say, He earned no tips that day. Two days passed and more pissed off people came through.  Then it happened.  He no longer had to clean windows.  People would drive up to the light and have money sticking out for him NOT to clean their windows.  But this time they were willing to pay bigger bucks to him.  Six months later, Rob bought his own car wash in Denver Colorado. The first thing Rob Chin did after opening his car wash.  Go to that same corner for three weeks offering FREE car washes to everyone who drove by, because, hey, they WERE his investors. *Note: Legalities aside, Determination and thinking outside the box will lead you in one of two places: either Jail or Success.  Entrepreneurs have learned that it's always a gamble and you might as well go for it. I have learned that People are interesting, they will reward you no matter if you do good or bad to them.  Surprisingly enough they will be willing to reward you more if something effects them more emotionally.  Sadly, It's kind of how extortion works.  Although we don't want to do any harm to the people around us, the lesson is that marketers for many years have used these fear tactics to influence your buying decisions.  Oh no, you better buy it before it sells out. Limited time only.  Next week the price will double.  Fear.  Fear sells big. This could also be compared to the Pavlov's Dog experiment, once ...