Baby fetish

I fantasize about wearing a diaper around the house and making my husband bottle feed me dinner.  How do I go about asking him to indulge me in my fantasy? Jennifer Pole - California Uhm???  Don't. or Do?  Hell I don't know, but do you. If you and he are happy with that sort of kink, make it happen, just don't leave the house and expose the rest of us to that, my nightmares are already out of control.

Abandoned Speech

If a baby is born and no one has ever talk to the baby even the parents but the baby received proper feeding and adequate medication when the need arise,WHAT LANGUAGE WILL THE BABY SPEAK WHEN HE/SHE GROW UP?? Nathan Hey Nathan, My prediction: the baby would develop it's own way of communicating with pointing and grunting that would be consistent enough for someone else who studies linguistics and communication to be able to learn. Mankind's inherit desire to communicate is way too strong to be stifled.