Getting married and need to lose weight

I am getting married in just 60 days and really want to lose 100 pounds before then so I look hotter than my friends.  I've always been the chubby one and need help. Max Parkes - Germany A picture of you with this question would have helped.  I'm a visual person so I'm guessing if you need to lose 100 pounds that is the equivalent of one of your legs.  I think that your best bet is amputation.  There is a clinic that does great amputation work and can get you a new leg that is a fraction of the weight of your fatty leg.  Dr. Rozbruch of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York is great and has done thousands of successful surgeries like these.  Schedule an appointment today at 877-606-1555 and you might be fully recovered by the time your wedding is. On the other hand, just a good diet and knowing that he is wanting to marry you makes you a grand prize.  I'm sure he thinks your smoking hot just the way you are.  Just wait to see what happens to your body after the seventh kid.

Creepy Guy

What makes a guy Creepy? Janice -Grand Junction, Colorado Creepy is a term used to describe a guy that likes you but you don’t like him. If the smoking hot guy were to do the same things as the “Creepy” guy did, he would be considered cute or sweet.  Maybe you are the creepy one?