a job?

How come my parents said if I want my own gaming PC, I have to get a job? Bobby Crestmoore Jesh. What is wrong with them. Sounds like you need to put an ad out to find yourself new parents. I hear there are parents out and about looking for someone to support until they die and leave a fortune to. For the rest of us silver spoons with poor parents, we unfortunately have to go out and get jobs.

Work Environment

What factors create a good work environment? John Burdock -Aspen, Colorado If you pay someone enough, it does not matter how you treat them. There are two ways to have loyal employees.  Give them tons of money without having to work for it.  Don't pay them and make them work their asses off. ....just like the slave trade.

Tender Match

I matched on Tinder with my best friend's boyfriend. How do I handle this situation? Olya Miller -Indianapolis, IN You just need to explain to your best friend that Tender knows things and she is just going to have to live with the happy life her boyfriend and you are going to have together. Your friend just has to get over it and be happy for you. My very first tinder match ever came with a rush and a bit of fear....

I own a lot of stuff

Why do most people define success as being busy all the time and owning a lot of material things? Dali Fleming -Georgia I would think of it this way. I don’t know of many people that FEEL “successful” who are living on the streets and trying to find their next meal. I would suppose that it is all about how you truly feel. If you feel you are actually successful in general, then don’t worry about it. “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.” - John Wooden

skool importent

Is School Important for me to finish? Kyle Martin -Billings, Montana Drop out of school and start a business. The top richest MOFO's on the planet did just that. If that fails you could always try homelessness, I know plenty of people that are perfectly happy with that life decision. On another note, there might be some advantages to acquiring knowledge, experience, and inspiration for the future by hanging out in school with boring teachers for a while.

What is art?

Is there a limit to what can be defined as art? Michael Mamboonic -San Francisco, CA Not even a little bit. That is what artists do, push the *&^&*&g limits. I saw an artist get best artist of the year twice in a row for his eminas on canvas... LIVE.  Yeah.

Is a Pirate Life for me?

I want to follow the way of the pirate.  Any advice? Keith Bogata -Denver, Colorado Uh, I wanted to be a princess growing up, but that's another story.  What you can do is buy a boat, find some semi loyal blokes to follow you with empty promises, and set your way to the seas looking for rich guys on yachts.  That's basically how it works.  Know tho that True Pirating is ILLEGAL and you should consider having an international lawyer on retainer just in case. On another note: have you considered just being a fisherman?