My brother eats his boogers

My brother eats his boogers, at least 30 a day. He is super fat so I think he is getting too many calories from his boogers.  Are boogers fatening? Mack - Vermont Well, according to scientists boogers are full of protein and can have two or more calories each.  That could amount to 100 or more calories. Now what bothers me is not him eating his boogies, but that you keep track of how many he eats.  I think that him eating boogers has nothing to do with his weight, but you might want to get some professional help because I think you might have a serious case of "Little Brother Booger Voyeurism" as described by Carl Jung in his book "Kids with problems". Serious psychological drugs might be in your future and your brother will no doubt be very happy to bring you special cupcakes when they lock you up at Arkam Asylum.