Should I Break my leg?

My BFF just fell and broke her leg at cheer practice.  Now her mom, who use to neglect her all the time, caters to her every whim and takes her shopping all the time.  She is even going to buy her a car right after her leg heals.  At school she gets so much attention from everyone and the boys always offer to carry her books and sometimes even carry her to class.  It makes me so sick.  I am thinking of breaking my leg now.  What is the least painful way to break my leg? Marggie -Boulder, Colorado Are you out of your %U*Y%* mind??? No matter what it would be a horrible idea to break your leg. Let me tell you a story about my buddy Chad growing up.  Chad prayed to God for his mom to pay more attention to him.  One day he fell off his bike and broke both legs and both arms putting him in a quadra cast.  Guess What??  He got lots of attention from his mommy who had to help him to pee and wipe his butt like he was two years old.  For six months.  Yeah, he got attention. Just be happy with the knowledge that when she gets her cast off, she is going to have to shave that leg twice as often as the other one.  You can laugh all you want at her noon leg shadow during cheer practice.