Ethics and Consumer Psychology

Seems like Ethics in Marketing is shot.  What do you think? William K. - Utah Ethically, The practice of my colleagues and myself is shot. We are basically evil and don't usually consider ethics or morals in our daily work and are not too concerned about hurting feelings or if the actions of our manipulations harm someone emotionally. In fact, we hope it does. On that note: I finally was able to relax and watch a movie about such a subject: Ethics in Psychology. The movie was from 2015 called "Experimenter". Super awesome movie about the backlash of his experiments with social obedience to authority. Right down my field. Outside the strict moral code of couch psychology where you truly want to help others, did you see the movie and what do you think ethical practices in the study of social psychology should entail? Do you think that you must encourage trust in subjects even though it would cause a false result in the environment you have built??? Should this type of social psychology be barred from existence because there is a chance it could result in emotional harm?