Is hating a certain Race wrong?

Is it wrong to hate a certain race?  I don't understand why I can't have my preferences. Kamereon - Florida There is nothing wrong with it at all.  Personally I absolutely hate marathons.  Those things suck. Of course like everyone, I enjoy watching the start when the handi people are tripping over the handicapped people, or even the finish where everyone seems to be balling their eyes out and get attacked by family congratulating them on a great race. But the 14 1/2 hours in between bores me to death. Triathlons scare the hell out of me because I'm afraid of water and Bicycles remind me of clowns, by other great fear. I'm still horrified when I was watching the "Boulder Boulder" in Colorado and needed to pee.  Went to the port-a-potty and there was poop a foot above the top of the bowl.  I could only ponder how over the course of the morning these healthy eating athletes had to magically hover over the top to add to the pile because there was no pull up bar at the top..... Nascar.  Now that's something to watch, especially when they crash and wreck their pretty $1.5 million dollar car, get doused with a fire extinguisher, and jump out of the car waiving at a cheering drunk crowd.