Drunk at work

Is it OK to be drunk at work? Martin Pulido If it’s not OK it is time for you to get a different job. We don’t need that kind of negativity in the workplace. Also, make sure they provide a decent Keg-erator with a CO2 pump because Pumping by hand can cause work injury and Carpel Tunnel which could result in lawsuits for the company.

the Purple Gang

Who is the Purple Gang Elvis Presley Talked about in Jailhouse Rock? 2nd Biggest Elvis Fan OK, more jail questions... almost. Thanks to its proximity to Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Detroit was an important stop on the Underground Booze Railroad during Prohibition. Liquor, legal in Canada, was smuggled across the Ambassador Bridge or even driven in Model Ts across the frozen Detroit River during the winter, where it then generally ended up in the hands of the notorious Purple Gang. What Al Capone and his gang were to Chicago, Sammie Cohen, the Bernstein brothers, and the rest of the Purples were to Detroit. The Purple Gang started out as a pipeline for Canadian whiskey to Capone, but eventually a turf war ensued.