Tales from my Drunken Grandfather • A Native American Storybook

Palaylá Píshaat Piitl’iyawilá Timnanáxt

(lit: drunken poop warrior story -from: Penutian):

Tales from my Drunken Grandpa • a Native American Storybook

From a young age I could remember my grandfather, A Colville Native, open his mouth to speak and the stench of molten alcohol poured out his mouth smacking me into a dizzy confusion as these dismal stories dumped all over my fragile head.  It was not until much later in life that I realized that the stories he told did not translate well into the language of his ancestors, so i made it a mission to try to write them down into a haphazardly attempt to find meaning in his ramblings.

These stories are not taken down word for word as they would sound like random words written by a monkey, but they are more or less what he said and put into a format that is much more understandable to the general public and you. The pictures that originally told some of these stories did not make much sense and were so vague that anything could be interpreted by them.

These stories may seem far fetched at times but he would swear to you they all happened just as he said, but as someone who’s reality is a little blurry, they were very real to him and how he saw the world around him.  I am only a messenger of these happenings in his life.

I believe they are a mashup of what he was told from his elders, hallucinations of heavy Opium use when he was in the Army in the 70’s, and a continued blur of alcohol intake.  If anything, they give an interesting insight into the culture, myths, family life, legends, heros, and traditions of my Native People.

So imagine as you read these stories that you are sitting around a giant fire at night covered in a buffalo robe next to your teepee, the scent of juniper leave and sage burning softly on top of the red hot burning coals.  The flickering shadows are brushing against My grandfather, the storyteller, the old smiling giant, and even tho the cold brisk air is burning our skin, is only wearing a skunk cap and hip wrap. As he speaks in a slow thoughtful chant, is sipping fervently from his gallon jug that is permanently attached to his arm while dazzling us with the things he has seen in his historical past.

Sit back in your cozy home while snuggling with your family and relive with me:

The Tales of My Drunken Grandfather.