First Amendment

We encourage that kind of spunk and entrepreneur fundraising, but Every person so far that is upset with me has to do with my personal expression or opinions I choose to display in my art.  My first Attempt is ALWAYS to make things better with you (we are virtually friends), but know that You are not required to agree with the opinions expressed herein. If one of my drawings, portraits, or ideas offends you in any way and you feel obliged to bring suit against me, please sit down, sober up a little, count to ten and wait until the urge passes. If you still desire to expose yourself in a courtroom, all service of process may be addressed to:

Meg Badd Wolffe (Ev!l B!tch)
Huff, Puffe, & Blowe, p.s.
c/o The LewisOne Studios LLC Legal Department
612 Aeronca Street, Independence Oregon 97351
in the United States on Planet Earth in some unknown Galaxy

Please include a current inventory of assets, including homestead exemptions, in the more than likely event that this heartless bastard of a lawyer will advise to undertake a counterclaim for malicious prosecution under my artistic first amendment rights found in the Bill of rights in the great

Constitution of the
United States of America.

There are some times when I use stock art or some other media on my websites. If you feel I have violated the DMCA and using something that is you might own, please let me know via certified email at  I do not in good faith believe that I am in any violation, but am glad to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of the United States copyright law and the Copyright Directive’s World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty in the EU.  That’s how it works.