Barn Board

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Paintings on Naturally Aged Genuine Barn Board harvested and reused from old Barns that are being torn down in Vermont, Oregon, and Colorado.  It is in good vintage condition (natural ruff look with chips, age markings, etc.)

Me painting on Barn Board became a personal quest.  In a conversation with one of my Grandparents on the Colville Indian Reservation we discussed the invasion of  the tribes from European Settlers.  When they came most of the tribes would borrow pieces of the trees to make teepees for their family, allowing the tree to continue its life on the land.  When the Europeans came they began making large villages where they would cut the entire tree down and not letting it recover to continue to grow.  Many of those barns are either abandoned or burned down, wasting the trees life.

My taking back of the lost trees from the barns and old houses is my way to repurpose the tree and let it live on as a reminder to others about the importance of each trees life and that we need to borrow from our environment instead of getting rid of it.