Game & Web Design

There is a big fat sloppy line between trying to be an artistic creative and the mathematical computations to do programming.

The passionate wild thinking of an Artist and the OCD conservative & nature of programming don’t always get along very well.

Despite that I take pride in being able to tame my artistic self & work on mathematical computations in a success full matter.

I create engaging digital environments.

Web Environments

with HTML5 • css3 • JavaScript • jQuery • PHP • WooCommerce • SQL

iStuff & Droid Game Development

with Cocoa • ObjectiveC++ • JAVA • Xcode • IOSSDK • AndroidSDK • BlenderGE • Unity3D • Lua

There is quite a few things that make a website or game great versus just good. There are things about an amazing design that just makes it work, many of which the user does not directly see. I tend to not only find a good design and User Interface, but have really good psychological reasons for it.

Here are a few things to think about when I am helping you on your own project….

Usability means user-centered design. always remember that the user (AKA your paying customer) is the number one person to think about when designing your product. You could say the core of usability is clarity. We use KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) quite often, which means you need to Focus on what’s important. Try not to deviate from the end goal. This can be done by:

Simplicity – Focus on what’s important. If you don’t distract your visitors they will be more likely to do what you want them to do.

Direct feedback – Feedback is essential to any interaction. The moment people interact with your site, make sure to offer an indication of success or failure of their actions.

Guidance – Take your visitors by the hand. Don’t expect your visitors to explore your site all on their own. Instead, guide them through your site and show them what you have to offer.

Consistency – Don’t get cute.  Create a consistent experience across your entire website to keep your visitors mind at ease.

Familiarity – Stick to what people already know. There is nothing wrong with looking at other sites for inspiration.

Good information architecture – Understand your visitors’ mental models and how they would expect you to structure the content on your site.

Learnability – This is another important aspect of usability. People are familiar with a lot of design concepts used in technology. By using these concepts consistently, you meet your visitors’ expectations. No need to redesign the wheel so your end user will need to spend 12 hours trying to learn an entirely new concept to receive information.

Credibility – Trust is a crucial aspect of any business or product. Even if people find the what they are looking for, if they don’t trust you, that product is worthless. Your product information and marketing could cause site visitors to be skeptical about your business in any number of ways. Testimonials, work references, or social media followers are great ways to create a bond with who your are trying to sell to.  Remember the first rule of business, people do business with people.

Testing 1-2-3 – Good products are not attained overnight. It requires thorough user research and an iterative approach of constant testing and refining. There is constant changes that need to be made to adjust your product until it is dialed in.

Relevancy – It is not enough that your branding is clear, your content must also be relevant. You need to know who your customer is so you can cater your design and functionality to their needs.

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As well as be an effective tool for your business.