Don’t Peyote

Yeah. I was thinking the other day what I would think if some random forest animal would start talking to me.  I know damn wall that forest animals can't talk.... Unless you've been doing the drugs my grandmother does, then things happen.

Tore Loser

Mike has an awesome voice, I could hear him talk all day long. I wonder why he has not run for office?? "Let's try something new," Tyson continued. "Let's run America like a business, where no colors matter. Whoever can do the job, gets the job." Maybe if he was president he could challenge other presidents in other countries to a boxing match to solve disputes.

Corona Virus

Has anyone eaten food from a celebrity mommy? I wonder if they are like normal mommies and serve food from a can like spaghetti-o's, fish sticks, and fried bologna tacos. “Whenever something good happens, the bad always follows,” Eminem said once about his upbringing. “That’s the story of my life since the day I was born.” Maybe his grief started in the home with bad cooking.  This is a plea to all you mommies out there....  Cook good food for your kids or they might grow up to sing songs about your whorable culinary skills.

Genetics Explained

I thought this was a pretty funny picture that made me think of my failing biology class in high school. In 1858, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace jointly announced their theory of natural selection. According to Darwin’s observations, in nearly all populations individuals tend to produce far more offspring than are needed to replace the parents. If every individual born were to live and reproduce still more offspring, the population would collapse. Overpopulation leads to competition for resources. Darwin was convinced that natural selection explained how natural variations could lead to new traits in a population, or even new species. While he had observed the variations existent in every population, he was unable to explain how those variations came about. Darwin was unaware of the work being done by a quiet monk named Gregor Mendel.... Who never experienced what it was like to have a spawn that was a psychotic mix of him and a wife.