Pinnacle Charter School

This mural was for the Pinnacle Charter School in Federal Heights, Colorado. It took over their play field and was about 400 feet wide and 30 feet tall and completed in 1998. It was painted as part of my PBS grant and featured in a school documentary show. I had the help of fellow street painter Brad and took about two weeks to paint. The theme of the mural was looking at the world around us featuring images from all sorts of life with reference photos from stock art of the school and their programs from some of the students at the schools newsletter. Click on images for larger version...

Ali Boxing Gym

This mural was painted in 2000 on the side of a San Francisco Boxing Gym in the Mission District and stood about 40 feet tall and 80 feet wide.  I was able to paint this in two days with only a few hundred cans of spray paint. Later another artist, ShyOne, painted some lettering on the left side of my painting to advertise the gym. It was painted with funding from my PBS Grant and was featured in a Boxing documentary the year afterwards.

Yoda Bedroom

I love doing kids rooms, especially because they are pretty open to doing awesome things.  This is part of the painting where I used glow in the dark paint for Yoda's sword and the strip around the room to double as a night light. The ceiling was covered in stars and planets.

run dmc nyc

This is me standing in front of my mural that was about 80 feet tall by 120 feet wide and resided in Hollice Queens New York at a YMCA Parking lot funded with money from PBS and done around 2001. I employed another local Bulgarian portrait artist, Georgi Rakchief, to help because the clients expectations of the art were a little out of my range and he had experience doing indoor church portraits. It was one of those walls that was redone every 6 months honoring local talent that came from the area, thus Reverend Run and his crew came to my mind. It took about 3000 cans of paint and 4 weeks to complete since we could only have access to the wall during certain hours of the day. Fun Fact: the background was painted and repainted 8 times in various colors before the client finally liked it and the chains were done in metallic spray paint which didn't last very long. This was even after a color comp was approved, lol.  Fun times with clients.

Sanchez Family

This awesome family wanted a mural in their backyard of themselves doing the things they loved.  I was commissioned to do this over a few days up off 38th and Pecos in North Denver.

Esquella Mural

This was a portrait I did in 1992 for the first location of Corky Gonzalles' Esquella Tlatelolco School in North Denver. It is a painting of the grandfather of one of the founders of the school.  I did this in cooperation with some students who I helped write AZLAN next to it and on the other side painted the Principals grandmother.

Smiles Dentist Mural

Worked with a dentist office near the Denver Broncos Stadium off Federal.  They specialize in kids and wanted something fun for the public.  Smiles it was.  Mural was 30 feet by 150 feet.

Sitting Bull Mural

Realism with spray paint was always my first love, and this is one of the times I got to not only do it, but paint something I was passionate about, my native people. This painting of Sitting Bull was put on the side of Las Vegas Electrical Company in 2010 and up for about six years before the company moved to a new location.  It stood 30 feet tall and about 40 feet wide done in monochrome colors to give it an older look.  The owners were Native American Apaches and wanted part of their culture to be displayed on their property. I use really good paint, so even in the Las Vegas sun over the years, when the mural was painted over it still looked brand new with no fading or paint chipping.


Buckaroos was the brilliant spin off of the Miners Maze franchise. It was a series of mini amusement parks located inside of Malls.  I was able to do the logo, branding, signage, coloring book, flyers, embroidered apparel, website, and hand painted murals for them. The hand painted wood grain I did for the counter was everyone's favorite. It was a colorful array surrounding a cowboy kid named buck and his friends who just liked to play. Click on images to see larger version...

Performing Arts Center Mural

In Denver, this is to date, the larges mural created in the city.  It stood 140 feet tall and 180 feet wide. It was up for about 15 years on Stout Street off 14th across from the performing arts center before the building was demolished and turned into an Embassy Suites Hotel across from the now famous Blue Bear playing hide and seek. This project was part of the city youth program where we took high school kids to teach them various careers, mine was as a mural artist. 12 youth were selected and to only find out because of youth labor laws, none of them would be able to get on the lift above 10 feet to help with the mural so I ended up doing it with only one other person, Dame, who happened to be old enough. The whole project took about 120 gallons of black paint hand rolled on the wall to prime and almost 10,000 cans of spray paint. Some fun facts about this project include: Some anti art activists were keeping track of me at various mural projects including this one. Each time they would call the police to make sure we had permits, permission, etc.  Each time was worse and worse.  This time, they found out about an obscure law that someone could not be in possession of more than 8 cans of spray paint as it would be considered "possession of materials intended to vandalize property." I was arrested and taken to jail three times for this very serious offense and charges were dismissed in court in all three cases. When we began painting the black paint in order to prime the wall to get it ready, it just so happened that a car dealership was using the parking lot next door to store some very expensive BMW fully loaded something or other that cost a ton of money. Needless to say in the three days it took to paint it, the wind picked up and blew our black one coat paint all over the cars (no other cars in the lot for some crazy reason) and turned those shinny gems into a matt black mess. Good for us, our insurance was not only paid up, but the owner of the building we were painting had loads of experience in this area AND owned a nice detail shop that was able to make them good as new. Whew. There was controversy over the ballerina-dude I painted. In my reference photo he had either an amazingly large package, or wearing a sports cup.  Who knows? But I was asked a dozen times to keep making it smaller and smaller because it was offensive to some to have such a feature on a guy in the mural.  It ended up looking more like a girl with big shoulders in my opinion. At this time I was pretty proud of the fact I would sketch and paint on such a giant wall without the use ...