Worse Party Ever

Durning my collage masters project we decided to use our knowledge of psychology to throw a series of horrible parties.  Over a period of 6 months we had a weekly rave at various locations.

The first party was thrown with about 200 people and by the fourth party we had over 1000.  The party had no obvious entertainment value, but each venue was scientifically manipulated so everyone left feeling that they had the time of their life.  Oddly enough, with no or bad music or entertainment and no typical exiting aesthetics, more than 90% of the people came early (paying the $10 to $20 cover), stayed the four hours for the horrible party, stayed late, and went around the following week bragging to others about what a great event it was.

At the end of our study we revealed to the students of the scam and donated most of the door money to a worthwhile local charity.

*Note: There is something to be said about the entertainment value in communication between people.  People have a fine tuned ability to entertain themselves and others without the need for outside influence.  I might ponder the possibility that those people with Drug or Alcohol issues might be lacking in social abilities.  Bring a bunch of random people in an empty room and watch how it grows into the funnest imaginary party ever.

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