Trusting Politicians

Influence consultants are increasingly sought by political campaign managers and influential persons to provide a range of services, from psychological analyses of the electorate to the creation a knowledge of social influence can make the difference between success and failure of speeches, advertisements, and strategies.

The key in most of these cases is in the word-smithing of speeches.

On one of many occasions we have rewritten an existing speech and “spiked” the delivery to create emotional responses from the audience.  In this example we peppered a speech for an annual meeting for a CEO of a company that was in financial trouble and executives of the company were suffering from low self esteem from lack of bonuses and new ideas of what to do to turn things around.

A week after the speech, the company employees had many ideas to turn things around and quickly.  Within a few months there was laughter in the halls and vacations being taken.  Although we blame a great speech, others blamed the economic turnaround.  Who knows.

*Note: The best way to persuade someone to do as you wish is to speak moderately quickly, pause frequently and not be too animated. This is the rules for anyone in public office that needs to make a statement that needs it’s audience to know they are in charge.  People jump up volunteering to hold the speakers hands in prayer as they form conga lines on his behalf to make his dreams of world domination a reality….  or at least that is the goal.

Every word and syllable in an important public talk is gone through, rewritten, rehearsed, and rehearsed again to make every sound important and meaningful to the listeners.  Each one is important to drill the true meaning into the brains of those that might back them.  In the end, it is the difference between who makes the rules, and who follows them.

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