The Worst Car Salesman

I got called out by one of the owners of a major car dealership who thought all my psychological hocus-pocus was rubbish and wagered that I could not take his worst sales guy and improve his skills.  Challenge Accepted.

The worst salesperson (selling an average of less than one car a month) was selected out of 30 salespersons at a the large car dealership in Colorado (and in risk of loosing his job that he had to support his family):  He was then consulted over a 2 week period.  We showed him how to read subtle body language of potential buyers and manipulate his own body mechanics to increase his sales.  We also gave him some psychological word phrasing  for his industry to invoke psychological triggers in the people he was selling to.

Over the next three months his sales increased to more than double the highest seller at the dealership and was given a promotion teaching others what he had learned.

*Note: Sales is a hard hard job.  Customers come into the sales floor very defensive and on edge.  It takes some very subtile skills to be able to gain a quick trust with them, especially when you are about to ask them to part with thousands of dollars of hard earned money.  Customers engage with you right off the bat knowing whole heartedly you are trying to screw then, despite your true intentions.

This often puts the salesman on the defensive and it quickly shows within the first seconds of contact.  Everything typically goes downhill from there.

It is important to be positive, real, honest, and relaxed with the customer off the bat with a proper handshake, earnest smile, and calm tone.  The goal is to make the customer feel like they are in control the entire time while you are helping them make a very uneasy and scary decision.

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