The Soda Problem

Due to privacy of clients, Not actual client machines.

About two dozen soda machines at a mall in Colorado where restocked about every other week.  The machines were clean and well place throughout the mall, however machines at other locations were being refilled weekly.

After hanging around the mall for a while we notice that the patrons were mostly health conscience and did not typically buy soda.  Sucks for the soda company, but we were going to fix that.  We replaced all the pictures on the front of the machines away from standard soda branding to invoke a visual stimulus.  This included pictures of happy mountains scenes and beaches.

We then changed the lighting and color of the buttons and added a border and matt around the machines.  We did a handful of other tricks around the mall and kios (again, not blatantly advertising soda).

These tactics worked and the company was receiving complaints that the machines were empty every third day.  The machines where left for a 90 day test with great success.

The client felt that our tactics were just a fluke:  we then removed all of our “technics” –soda sales dropped instantly.

They immediately called us and we returned a month later to return the machines to their selling potential.

*Note: We would like to say that there did turn out to be issues with many of the suggestions we had talked to the client about.  The machines, although were owned by the client, had to have approved branding on them from the distributors.  Thus, any changes to the machine, for whatever reason, had to go through the distributors corporate office and approved.  Because of the removal of the branding as well as the modifications to the machines surroundings (considered visual noise) the approval for the changes were denied.

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