Proper Workout Environment

A fitness company in Colorado was increasingly frustrated by their clientele’s low compliance to the suggested workouts by the staff. For some reason, patrons were not following the exercise regimes recommended by the trainers.

We quickly increased client compliance by more than 40% by having staff make some changes in workout rooms decor!

Simply changing the colors of the room, rearranging the equipment on the floor to be less structured, Subtly adding vinyl words to the walls for psychological triggers, and slightly bowing certain mirrors in the environment.  We also color coded the attire of the employees to make them more visible to the clients.

*Note: It’s amazing and often overlooked how important an environment someone does a task in.  Whether it is where you work, or workout.  The use of color, the arrangement of objects in the room, even the placement of the rugs and picture on the wall will invoke feelings both good and bad.  Molding these important details will make a positive impact not only on your employees and client base, but most important, your bottom line.

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