Online Store Blues

After John spent thousands of hours building an online store himself dedicating the time he gets off work until he passed out in bed as well as most of his weekends, he didn’t understand why a year after launch, he had less than a few dozen sales.  Not even enough to make a car payment.

His google analytics says his traffic is awesome.  People are browsing lots of pages.  John even checked each week to make sure his prices are great and even tried to offer up coupons and specials.  Nothing still.

After talking to John about his venture and looking at his analytics, I learned something very important.  Color.  I told him to simply change the color of his buttons and site and that might do the trick.  Six months later his media website became a full time job.

*Note: People underestimate the importance of color.  They usually choose their favorite color and go with it.  The problem is that you need to choose the color that influences your customers.  Many colors that you might like are so repulsive to money spenders that it will actually convince them not to click the button.  Crazy as it may sound, there have been many studies on the mater and if you look close at your webclick hot-mapping you can start seeing trends that can fine tuned to convert better.

About Artist & Creative LewisOne

LewisOne is a Non-starving artist. Living life as a successful Gallery Artist as well as running various Artistic Businesses. He also does public speaking on the psychology and tactics of business marketing for artists.

He loves solving twisty & entanglement puzzles and every night he goes out to try to take over the world. This is his story....

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