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Due to client privacy, this is not actual client.

I seem to get a lot of flack for telling this story, however there is always a lesson to be learned in every situation.

A Brooklyn pimp was was complaining that his workers were not producing as much as his competition, despite his angry lectures and fear tactics he learned from his mentor.  He would often threaten them and get angry for random reasons.

After some observations we noticed the workers sold themselves as desperate and paranoid and lacked the body language needed to conduct business.  We taught the employees about reading body language from their customers and how to manipulate their body language to achieve a better trust relationship with the clients.

We then turned to the Pimp himself and taught him better solutions to his anger as well as how to deal with situations in a much more effective way.  Instead of screaming and yelling, he found that talking and consulting with the workers was way more effective.  Happy employees do make better workers.

The business owner was happy with the results and was able to increase revenue and have almost no client or employee issues.

*Note: Why a pimp?  I found this was a great example in the real world how many business owners treat their workers.  They constantly feel the need to threaten with termination or belittle workers.  Treating employees (despite their job title) might be the best way to make them more productive.

  • Take time to listen to your employees regarding their concerns.
  • Learn the key strengths of your employees with respect to knowledge, education and skills.
  • Recommend training for employees who need it.
  • Communicate with your employees regularly.
  • Find out what drives and motivates each employee to perform at a higher level.
  • Tie your employees’ performance to some type of rewards program.

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