Leverage the Law

We work with legal teams to assist choosing jurors on an important cases.  As the lawyers interview potential jurors for we observe body language and personality traits for each juror, we advised the legal team on this information read from applicants, and dismissed persons that did not fit our “profile” of people that would be in our favor for the trial.

The basic Idea is to find jurors that will believe your version of the truth, no matter the circumstances.  We have found a huge pull to the defendants corner by utilizing these skills and resources.

You might be surprised at the profiling done before you even get to the courtroom in the selection process.  Everything matters: Your relationships, your legal experience, your internet footprint, your religious beliefs, your attitude, your leadership abilities, the way you dress and hair, and especially your body language.

*Note: Morals are always the common question when using these techniques in a court of law.  The truth of the matter is that both sides of a trial have every opportunity to excuse jurors, both sides are attempting to find jurors to side with them, they are both using similar tactics.

Can Juries be stacked? The trick to this is a little odd.  You can not really choose who the jurors are, but it’s a matter of deselection, getting rid of the one’s you don’t want. So, What ever happened to a jury of one’s peers?  It really does not exist.  Most people think they can set their bias aside, but the truth is, everyone has their prejudices.  Each of those opinions can be either great for your case, or screw you.  So “peer” just means random people and sorting through those people is a team effort.

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