Happier Shoppers

A large grocery chain was having issues with customer service.  No matter how the staff dealt with customer complaints, customers became more and more furious.  After watching these employees from afar, we noticed some major psychological we could teach the employees to be more effective and some negative triggers we could fix.

The first thing we suggested was to change the color of the aprons to a more friendly color.  Next teach the customer service reps and sales floor staff how to change their body language to be more appealing to a high strung customer. We also developed psychological keywords for the employees to use to calm down customers who were upset.

The overall results were happier, more satisfied customers and less stressed out, more aware staff: this was shown to have a positive effect on the company’s bottom line and customer reviews.

*Note: You might think that walking into a casino might be the most manipulative experience around.  You might be wrong.  There is more thought, study, input, and tactics used in a grocery store than any other business.  It’s big business and learning how to control the people that step into it’s building is very important to the bottom line.

For one of My biggest clients in Grocery manipulation, we spend many hours just experiencing the store and watching and documenting every step people take on their journey to fulfill their lives with needs and desires.  Entire stores are designed in order to control what brain areas light up at different stages of the purchasing process.  You might be amazed to know what different aspects of your shopping cart journey have you controlled to spend more money:

  • “Decompression Zone” is the first few feet of the store intended to make you happy and euphoric.
  • The grocery isle is first in order to make your nostrils flair up in happiness and give you a soothing calm feeling.
  • The thigh to eye area of the store typically has the highest markup items with highest profit, as does the checkout lane.
  • Doors designed not to let you leave and go in the same door force you on a path inside the store and get you to spend more money.  Every item in the store is placed in a specific manner to keep you on a designated path to the checkout lines.
  • Those pesky snack people are always in your way for a reason, not to actually give any samples, but to slow traffic to get you to slow down to buy more.

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