Better and Happier Employees

Actual Food from Restaurant

A Manhattan restaurant was having difficult with turnaround, the average employee lasted only four to six weeks- one week was dedicated to training.  The costs of training was destroying the establishments bottom line. Looking at management’s treatment of employees and the work atmosphere gave no hints.  However we had been able to track down some previous workers who said that the financial compensation for a food server was lacking in the establishment so they found jobs elsewhere where tips were better.

In looking for new employees, We sat in a corner away from the interviewers and took notes on observations from about 40 applicants without talking to them:  We also looked at writing samples from their applications.  We then advised based on our profile for hiring compared to observations on who to hire.

We sat with the new employees and taught them about using their body language and speech to increase tips and service, and how to use these skills to solve everyday restaurant issues.  One year later the restaurant had retained 90% of the employees interviewed using the new guidelines.

*Note: When giving advice to people in general, they will often think that making changes is a bunch of hogwash, they are typically reluctant to change.  The one’s that do take the advice however, succeed.

The look on someone’s face when their tips greatly increase from some simple changes to their attitude, body language, and verbal communication, is priceless.  All in all, it makes everyone much happier.

Especially the customer who’s wallet gladly loosens up at the end of a great experience.

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