Psycho Fact 103423

Psychological Fact 103423
Idea: I’m very inquisitive and don’t believe my parents.  They once told me that a watched pot never boils when trying to cook noodles for my mac and cheese. So, decades later, I wanted to see if it is true in the most scientific way possible.

Thesis: A watched pot never boils.
Experiment: I turned a pot of cold water with 6 shelled eggs on the stovetop to 350 degrees. I watched it constantly for 22 minutes and it came to a boil. I repeated the experiment 47 times over the course of three weeks at various times and blood alcohol levels. My friend Stacy would not try it at home claiming that I was a moron.
Conclusion: The Thesis was false. However, I do believe this Psychological Falsehood started as a way to get kids out of the kitchen or because parents were paranoid they would get burned from the hot stove.
Notes: If anyone else decides to try this experiment, please document it in the comments below so we can collectively submit it to the scientific world to turn over the perceived scientific fact…. for education purposes to prove my parents wrong…. again.

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