Marketing Psychology

Consumer and Social Skills

is an

My Shrink has not determined if…

…it is the lack of empathy that was taught to me from “a wild latch-key childhood” that kept me away from a job helping others with their childhood problems as a couch psychologist…

…or my flagrant disregard for making good solid personal decisions in relationships….

nevertheless I decided to take the educational path that was way more entertaining and interesting in my desire to sit back and observe modern man, so Marketing & Consumer Psychology became my outlet: also, learning marketing was a necessary asset to not starving as an artist.

Con-artists (short for confidence artist), liars, psychics, palm readers, salesmen, pick pockets, spies, phone solicitors, carnie, card sharks, pool hustlers, CEO’s, government officials, and advertising agencies have a certain knowledge about the psychology of people in general: You can build an entire marketing campaign or improve an existing one with simple changes from the insights into human nature…

A good working knowledge of social influence can make the difference between success and failure in a marketing situation. My goal is for the consumer to have an unconscious reaction to the triggers within the marketing piece or environment that are given to benefit my clients.

What I do is called by many names:
Consumer Psychologist
Marketing Councelor
Manipulative Psychologist
Influence Consultant
Persuasion Specialist
Morally challenged
Psychic Salesman
Evil Brandalism
Mind Manipulators
Big Brother
Mind Control Experts
Buyer Behavior Virtuoso
NLP Programmer
The Shopping Pied Pipper
or Whatever you call it….

-your clients minds CAN belong to you-

Through the effective use of psychological triggers I creatively adjust the consumers environment in order to link your product to your customers like crack to an meth addict. Because drug dealers have great success at repeat business and referrals, I often use their tactics in my references. It didn’t hurt that I saw & learned from these people growing up, even tho their product might have sucked, they sure knew how to market it & make it a local brand.

I do NOT do subliminal advertising. I change the consumers environment taking full advantage of people not paying attention to the obvious, slipping a product or idea or feelings into their minds. I refer to this as PWA (Perception without awareness)

The reason we are all susceptible to influential suggestions from advertisers is that telling you the features of a product is nowhere near as effective as establishing a trust relationship between you and the advertiser — then repeating a logo or a phrase so much that it becomes ingrained in your mind becomes your sub-conscience life song.

When you start singing the song
🎵”I’m a little teapot”🎶
every time you see a faded black mailbox with purple dots on a wooden pole,
that Consumer Psychologist did their job.

Everyday, simple visual cues are being recorded in our brains subconsciously. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Sometimes they are worth a thousand words and a feeling and even a couple of dollars. And a feeling can be worth a few thousand words on its own. It can translate directly into a trust relationship; a perfect union of product and consumer and can greatly effect your bottom line.

What could be more romantic?

Most people surveyed will say they are not subject to advertiser’s influence. The truth is that we are. I’ve accepted it. It’s actually good news that no one seems to be exempt. Not me, not you, and especially not your customers. This information doesn’t change the way I operate. Because when Crest comes out with a new toothpaste formulation, I’ll know it’s not really new and probably works just as good as the Walmart brand I usually buy, but you can bet it’s going to be in my bathroom. Even tho I have the “Special Super Secret Recipe” to the Psychological Warfare,

I’m a sucker just like you.