Yakuza Dudes

If the Yakuza are criminals, why don’t the Japanese police simply arrest them?

Kendra Colgeene -Portland, Oregon

I wouldn’t want to mess with those Yakuza dudes (translated to English simply as Gangster). They not only have inside info on where you live, they are happy to show up to your house and burn you and your family to the ground in broad daylight, on national tv, with no masks on, and while singing patriotic Japanese songs.

The people who run the Yakuza are crazy rich and influencial. Even if they are caught and arrested, a judge will happily drop the charges and let them go in an effort to save the lives of his family and friends.

I wouldn’t put anything past them, those dudes chop off their own hands for fun in their Yubitsume rituals. Dudes are crazy and crazy people rule the world.


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