White House Raid

What do you think would happen if rioters stormed the White House to try to burn it down?

Zelda - San Francisco, CA

Well, with todays news and cameras rolling, I think we would get something pretty spectacular to feast our eyes on- however, the conspiracist in my says that the White House has some crazy technology that disables this kind of thing during such an event.

• If the President were in the building at the time, he would certainly be either evacuated on Marine One or taken to the secure command center which was built to withstand a nuclear blast.

• The Secret Service would open fire with live ammunition into the charging crowd as they have a standing “shoot to kill” order (their jobs are to protect the POTUS at all costs).

• If, by some crazy miracle, the rioters made it into the building itself, they would be met with even more resistance inside, and the few that managed to survive all of that, if any, wouldn’t last much longer because you could be sure that the Army and Marines would already be on the ground or not far out by that point.

• The White House is one of the most secure buildings in the United States.The only chance someone could conceivably have is if they were a foreign power with a strong presence already on American soil with armored, naval, infantry, and air superiority over most of DC and the surrounding regions. Otherwise, it’s a death sentence that only the insane or outright stupid would attempt. In the face of these counter measures, the rioters will decide that storming the White House was a bad idea.

The white house looks all glam and fabulous, but Just because you can’t see these things doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

The actual White House defense system isn’t made known to the public. Its top secret need to know level information. We can guess a few things. There are armed sniper personnel with shoot to kill orders. We can guess that gas (tear gas, pepper spray, oxogen depletion gas, acid from a snail) would be used. My next guess is some sort of noise apparatus, 500 decibels or greater could be all around the grounds. I’m not ruling out permanent ear damage, and noise sufficient to cause people to collapse, get confused, and beg to die. Finally maybe jet water cannons, tens of thousands of gallons per second like they use to cut metal, the kind that cut off your feet and toss them back a few dozen yards like a super bowl pitch back.

It would need coordination, it would take planning, it would take communication, and finally it would take “rioters” on the ground to implement the plan. None of this will take place without the Secret Service having full knowledge because you know, “Big Brother is watching” and stuff.


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