Use me for Sex

Why does my ex boyfriend still want to use me for sex?


You let him use you for sex? lol. Ex boyfriend?  Weird, but The instant the sex goes away you won’t hear form him again.  It goes to show what he thought about you in the first place.  Go out and find yourself someone that does not use you when it’s convenient.

At the end of the day, you can always use him for whatever amazingness he has to offers… money, looks, nice personality, makes an amazing PB and J.

In an unrelated really amazing coincidence, my brother just got out of jail after doing 23 years.  He happens to be single and on parole, meaning you know where he is between 6 pm and 8 in the morning.  He works when he is not at home, so he has a job at least.  He is my brother so of course he is amazingly good looking which is always a plus. And as a super bonus, when you get tired of him you can just call in a tip and these nice boys in blue will show up and take him to his new home upstate.


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