Silly Crime

What’s the silliest crime you ever got arrested for?

Alex Jesus Marchovick -Dallas, Texas

Quite a few pretty stupid things have gotten me arrested with random charges, however….

I was painting a mural for a city project in Denver in the early 1990s when an activist, who did not like public art, got a cop and informed them of an obscure law that if a person is in possession of more than 6 cans of spray paint that it was considered “Possessing Spray Paint with intent on committing vandalism” despite what you might be actually doing with them….

Well, I happened to have in my possession over 1400 cans of spray paint for this particular project in a giant on site storage locker and the police decided to “go with it” and I was placed under arrest and charged with a felony “Conspiracy to commit Vandalism” Charge of some sort.

After many court appearances and offers for a dumbed down of charges, I finally got my day in court and the jury that was chosen could not stop laughing during the trial because of the stupidity so the judge made the decision to let the jury go, reprimand the prosecution for dragging this out, had the police officer and his superior removed from their job, and fined the activist for the court costs.

I decided not to file a civil suit for the activist at that time.


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