prison fun

Is the prison system barbaric? My friend Jayson had to do 7 days for a DUI and came out with two black eyes, all cut up, and his jaw wired shut. What kid of people do they let in their that would do that kind of thing?

Samir -Pueblo, Colorado

Well Samir, sounds to me like Jayson didn’t fair too well in jail. You might be surprised to know that they have criminals, like real criminals, that hang out inside those prison bars. Jayson I’m guessing didn’t fit in too well and won’t tell you about the butthole he came home with that semi trucks can unload their goods into.

Yeah, prison and jail suck and I’m hoping that you and your friends can avoid that place. If not, you better learn to take a beating, I suggest going to either women’s sumo wrestling school or dominatrix hooker training in the Bronx from my friend Ken on 7th ave. Both will get you use to getting tossed around by giant fat bottom girls who will send you home everyday a bit like Jayson did. Have fun.


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