Out of Body Experience

Sometimes I feel like we are part of the same person but just into two different bodies. I feel like I cannot live without her (and I’m not an easy outgoing guy who cant live without a gf, I’m a bit of a loner), I often remember her eyes, her smile, her lips and the smell of her hair whe not here with me. Sometimes I think she erases all the bad memories of my life, my s*** childhood wandering in ukraine with all the other kids in my quad, spending our time without sense, as if our life was meaningless. The feeling of being alone in this world, without parents, without someone to protect you and be there for you. I was always alone like a stray dog, guess I had depression since I was a child. Then in the school in italy the kids were mean, the said: you s*** slavic, come back to where you came from, the teachers said i wasnt good at studying (although I was always a good student in my country, just maybe a little introvert but I did well in all the subjects.)

Boone Joslin - Kansas

Damn Dude!!!  Here’s the thing… I would suggest getting in to see a qualified psychologist and see about checking in with psychiatric drugs as well to calm yourself down a bit.


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