I found a pallet of Cash.

If I found a cash pallet ($240 million) hidden by drug dealers, how can I use it without getting caught?

Joe, Undisclosed Location

Well Joe, my new best friend,

You know that the money is tainted, so the best bet would let me take care of getting it back to the proper place.

However, since you seem like a smart lad, you will most likely not go with that option.

Here’s what you need to do. First things first.

  1. Never tell anyone about it. I mean freaking no one. Even your best friend, girlfriend or mother. The less people who knows about it the better. ideally just one.
  2. You need to stash it somewhere, like what was suggested store it in chunks and in different places, mixing it with your old stuff or props. the more normal the better, never make look like its documents or something precious. Make it as harmless as it may be.
  3. Still never tell anyone.
  4. Never spend beyond your means, i know you would say WTF but believe me, questions will arise when you suddenly buy a new car. just wait.
  5. Now here is where my suggestion differs from the others. You can live comfortably and furnish your house with better but not over the top stuff. Just blend in.You can move to a better area. Rent. etc for now.
  6. You can award yourself with a monthly pension from the amount and basically never work again or worry about money, Keep a job for appearance sake.
  7. Never surprise anyone with lame excuses of good luck falling on you so you can buy a Ferrari or a Range Rover. People can see through that.
  8. Make your alibi as simple a possible, the more complicated the lie the bigger the chances of your messing up.
  9. With this plan, you could probably afford the good clothes, gadgets,food etc. as long as its not over the top.
  10. Then , you can launder the money to make it appear you earned the money by inserting small batches of the money into your business bank account and make it appear as legitimate income. Eventually, if you play it super smart that amount will be washed up within two years. Ready to be spent in the open.

As for the possibility of the original owners tracing you. Better move to the farthest place from where you found the money and never return ever there.

Also, if you had used a car, better have that car wrecked and destroyed in a yard.

As much as possible never tell anyone where you are moving or make a excuse.

Replace all your stuff with a bit better but again plausible spending habits.

Yes i know where is the fun coming.Well, to be frank it wouldn’t come, the fun part is that you can afford every-time new iPhones comes put, new street fashion stuff like Nikes etc…You can eat everywhere at least once.You may never really seriously need to work ever.

If you have family, better never even tell your spouse. Just get any job and live with it, remember 24 million is enough for you to live comfortably and your kids to university with some nice trust fund.

You can BTW increase the money by buying insurance and pension plans related with your front career. in due time youd get several of those plans bought far from new place and eventually you might tick some profits.

Occasionally, you can buy blue chip stocks in small tranches to make it appear you saved some money to buy.

Your worst mistake it to share this information with anyone, including me.


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