How do people write graffiti on bridges above highways?

Brenda G. - Phoenix, AZ

They climb, sometimes with rope and climbing gear. lol. There are also attachments for paint sticks so you can reach up 30 feet or more. “Someone I know” use to jump onto semi trucks when they parked for the night in alleyways to rest and paint a big tag. Then when the truck left in the morning everyone was amazed how someone could do such work up so high. I know a few people that used the window washer lifts to drop down to the middle of a building and tag their names, it was pretty impressive looking.

One of the most influential graffiti taggers might have actually worked for the city and while “fixing” signs on the freeway just added his name while he was on the clock, so your tax dollars were hard at work keeping his name on the 5 freeway in LA.


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