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Am I allowed to leave Earth if I had an actual working spacecraft?

Mike M. -Colorado

Mike, DUDE!!!

You got a spaceship? if you can afford a spacecraft, then you can afford good lawyers that will tell everyone who has a problem with it to piss off.  But rather than getting shot down by the Russians or not be allowed back The US will want at least:

  1. Proof your spacecraft is safe to fly (NASA or the FAA will be involved)
  2. A flight plan (FAA)
  3. Proof your spacecraft won’t disrupt operations of other spacecraft near Earth (FCC), especially your spacecraft’s radios and future debris risk. (This stems from US responsibilities under the Outer Space Treaty).
  4. license for any camera shots or live broadcasts of Earth (NOAA got stuck regulating Earth-observing cameras).
  5. A mental evaluation to make sure you are not bat shit crazy.

On that note, make sure to make public the giant turtle that is holding up the flat earth on his back.  I hear her name is Henry, but I have not personally seen her yet but I bet she is beautiful.

I must note that this does not address garage-built David Adair specials, UFOs recovered and fixed from a wild fishing expedition in the Bermuda Triangle, or spacecraft acquired as a result of hooking up with a friendly alien after a lot of beers and cocaine. For likely government intervention in those situations, I suggest reviewing this documentary on government oppression of radical innovators, which might be more insightful for you conspiracy dudes, who I have the upmost respect for.


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