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Hello World,

Hello World,

OG LewisOne here. I’m amused and fascinated by the world around me, above me, and under me. I like solving problems and puzzles between my mental breakdowns and being treated as a lab rat by the medical industry. These blogs are my stories. These blogs are my thoughts, my focuses, the answers to my questions. I survive off self-sabotage and taking the longest route to the end of a problem and waving to those on the short path as they go by. In the 25 years of being an artist I have discovered one thing. It sucks to starve. So, I don’t. I wanted a format to vomit my experiences and share with the world one person’s way of being a creative type without starving, being homeless, mooching of everybody else, and ultimately failing. I hope to be a good role model for other aspiring artists. Surviving the lifestyle isn’t always easy, but it does work.

In my way of giving back I have started my society of non starving artists where I coach creatives in the business bus aspects of the art world. I also thrive in my own creative projects. I dabble in creative writing for all age, painting on various mediums, and video game designing. My day job isn’t quite as fun, so this will be the outlet for all that creative energy. Hope you have the stamina to keep up!


I hope you enjoy.

Peace, love, and happiness,


About Artist & Creative LewisOne

LewisOne is a Non-starving artist. Living life as a successful Gallery Artist as well as running various Artistic Businesses. He also does public speaking on the psychology and tactics of business marketing for artists.

He loves solving twisty & entanglement puzzles and every night he goes out to try to take over the world. This is his story....

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