Street Artist,

Gallery Painter,


& Daddy.

I am constantly looking at the world around me & adding to it. I spend my time painting for gallery shows, doing public talks about non-starving artists and Consumer psychology, & assembling successful art related businesses.

Enjoy my randomly entertaining blog post, online store with my creations, paintings, creative endeavours, and public art.



Explore some of my creativity from the past, including Comics, Caricature, Animation, Graphics, Web Design, Branding, Psychological Marketing, and other random madness.


Madness ensues everytime I post. Here I answer your most intimate questions, do psychological and scientific-like experiments, document my daily life as a non-starving artist, and generally cause havoc among the communities I visit. Good times.


Buy some of my art with prices for everyone. Buy Original Paintings or various prints.

Mission Statements

Artistic Mission

To produce Artwork that people connect with emotionally that tells the stories of those that came before me in order to document our history and learn from our past to have a greater future for our spawn. Art saves lives.

Economic Mission

Artists should never starve and be able to be creative for a living. I make good business decisions with my art life so I can leave a legacy for my kids and be a good example of a provider and role model as a person to them and the world.

Social Mission

I am a social conscience, for profit artist, who invests his blessings into social endeavors I believe in to improve the world around me. I am put on this earth to use my talent and skills to help others through good communication and friendship.